Indianhandweaving Ein menschenwürdiges Leben für Leprakranke in Indien

Vertrieb der in den Leprakolonien hergestellten Produkte in Deutschland


Renate und Rudolf Hogger

Nordring 21

83624 Otterfing

Tel.: +49 8024 92863

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1.Young Dharmanand, freshly married came back to carry on the paper recycling work till end of 2012, leaving then for better status employment in Dehra-Dun, but not before completing the KKM Christmas Card Paper on time, and with appreciation of printer & recipients for the improved quality of the paper. Dharma thus had a chance to learn the better technique and carried on alone till Spring when a local School drop out, Ajay, was prepared to join and learn the technique with machines starting to show wear

and tear.

The compound is still in good care with flowers, ornamental and fruit trees, and the buildings are kept in

decent maintenance.

2. The training computer at Brahmapuri, was used in alternance by our boarding children during their summer holiday, by Sushil up to a point, and by Champa during her long wait before starting her 3-years Nursing Course.

As ever the main D.K. Computer based at Brahmapuri is Raju’s indispensible tool for composing all Social and Accounting needs of the Brahmapuri Community.

3. As far as medical Service is concerned the Dharmakshetra team of Jai Ram and Lakshmi assisted by a lady and a man-member of the Community, saw to it –at their immense credit- that hardly a handful of seriously sick people had to go to Doctors, so efficient was their preventive care and action, in a non health problem ridden year… With the ever hope that Dharmakshtra may flourish after such a long budding time, we keep most thankful for sponsors, supporters and buyers since our inception.

4. A very deep gratitude goes to our friends at Vimalakshetra, Belgium, for being the pillars for encouraging and supporting our Project.